Valve Guide Reamers and Knurls

Valve Guide Reamers and Knurling arbors. 

  • HSS Valve Guide Reamers

    HSS Valve Guide Reamers

    High Speed Steel Valve Guide Reamers.  ARBORS AND REAMERS PROPER USAGE DISCLAIMER All arbors and reamers aremade of high-speed steel and with proper care, will average 400 or more guides.However, it is possible to ruin them in one or two guides...

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  • Lube Oil  for Bronze Guide work

    Lube Oil for Bronze Guide work

    Use when Resizing, Reaming, Boring, and Machining on Bronze Valve Guides.Benefits: Reduces torque, heat, improves chip flow, provides a better surface finish and extends tool life.1 Pint 

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  • Valve Guide OD Knurl

    Valve Guide OD Knurl

    Kurl tool for expanding the OD of a Valve Guide.  If you have a slightly loose press fit, this tool will expand the outside diameter of the valve guide decreasing the chance of the valve guide moving in the bore. 

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