Piston Pin R&I Equipment and Tooling

Equipment, Tooling, and Supplies for Piston Pin Removal and Installation

  • Piston Pin Extractor Kit

    Piston Pin Extractor Kit

    Complete Kit Part No. 1029 (Includes on of each item listed below.) Part No. Description1029A #0 Fixture for .800 pins1029B #1 Fixture for .950 pins1029C #2 Fixture for 1.010 pins 1029D #3 Fixture for 1.010 pins 1029E #4 Fixture for 1.110 pins 1029F #5...

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  • Piston Pin Installation Gauge

    Piston Pin Installation Gauge

    Just set the gauge for the amount of pin travel and when the piston pin is inserted, it will be centered. Makes it simple to get the correct distance on the first try. Fully adjustable for different lengths.

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